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Xtech Smart Home is a high-tech company dedicated to improving the general living standard of Canadian families. We promote a healthy lifestyle through creating comfortable and refreshing domestic environments.

Residential Cleaning
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Our services are particularly suitable for

Families with young children
Families with pets
Elderly and infirm members of the family
People with a history of upper respiratory tract infections (URTI)
The pregnant ladies

Regular Cleaning Of The Ventilation Dusts Is Necessary Because

  • Accumulated dander may trigger asthma attacks

  • Close contact with built-up soot may cause rashes

  • Air-born irritants may set off allergies

  • A stuffy¬†living environment leads indirectly to cognitive¬†impairment

  • All that dust can drive up the heating bill

  • No one sleeps tight unless they breathe right

Our Services

Main Ventilation Dust Cleaning

Main Ventilation Dust Vacuuming

House All Vents Cleaning

Furnace Cleaning

Ventilation System Purification

Filter Cleaning

Ozone Disinfection/Sterilization of Main Ventilation Duct

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